Update for 2011

We have been off the radar for a while with a fairly chaotic transitional period, but we have continued the hard work in the meantime. After a very dry summer, we had a fairly wet rainy period, certainly more rainfall than usual but that has helped tremendously with our task of planting.

Since Stuart and Amy left Ecuador, Peter shear is now managing our planting activities and he has opened up a new area in Morochos where we are also co-funding a tree nursery with members of the community.

In Intag the pace of work has increased due to Pete’s new home being there and more tree nursery activity is in progress there with Finca la Fe playing an active role in our work.

So in the last 6 months we have planted a total of over 3500 trees, in cloud forest and higher Andean forest ecosystems with 2 communities with 12 different tree species planted; 4 cold climate species and the rest for the cloud forest:
Morochos: Pumamaqui, Arrayanes, Tilo, Aliso
Intag: Yaloman, Huyacan, Aliso (blanco), tura, Poroton, Sangre de drago, Capoli

We are also due to receive another sizeable donation from a key sponsor Globalworks who are continuing with the their Ecuador Service Learning programme. So a big thanks to them and more work for Pete!

That’s all for now; we hope to be in touch with increased frequency now things are back to normal and to update you with more details about each community project.

Thanks for your collaboration.



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