Blog 1 – November, 2008

Year Anniversary

CanopyCo was formed on the 12th November 2007, so it seems only right to have our first retrospective, be it short.

During the first year we have found 8 excellent, and hopefully permanent sponsors who in their own ways help us get more trees in the ground, as well as many individuals who have helped us with the hard earned cash.

We have several reforestation sites available for us to work on as and when the time is right, and our primary focus remains the Peribuela native forest and tree nursery development project we have under way.

The Peribuela tree nursery is taken shape, though slower than we had hoped. We have several species planted, including Alisos, Pumamaqui, Palo Blanco, Facuna, Laga and Arrayan and we are trying our luck with the Huatze tree also (as yet not known to have been re-produced in a tree nursery). We are aiming for 3000 trees to be planted in the Peribuela scrub before end March, hopefully all from the tree nursery.

We have made a few site visits over the 7 months since we planted our first trees and all looks good – in the main part the trees are healthy and growing, what more could we ask for? This next week we will be taking some data from the monitored trees that we have tagged to get a feel for the progress being made. Watch this space for details.

So, again we extend our heartfelt thanks to all those that are contributing to our work.

The team at CanopyCo


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