Blog 8 – October 2009

This week-end there is an international movement to raise awareness and help push atmospheric carbon levels down a peg or two.

The initiative, devised by a group of Vermont students has been taken global, and for more details and ways as to how you can get involved please visit

The 350 represents the suggested scientifically safe level for atmospheric carbon dioxide in parts per million, that will hopefully avoid many of the pitfalls expected with global warming. Current CO2 levels are at around 390ppm and with this sustained high concentration we can expect many changes to the planet as we know it.

This week-end, CanopyCo, with a small group of volunteers will be planting trees on an organic farm to increase the farms diversity, break the strong summer winds and provide useful habitat for the bugs and birds that help maintain a natural balance.

This will be the first of many plantings whereby we are identifying local organic farms that would benefit from the presence of the trees, yet whose economy cannot afford the costs.

This is just one other way donations for carbon offsets with CanopyCo are helping the environment and communities of Ecuador.


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