Blog 6 – July 2009

A little later than hoped we recently returned to the reforestation sites and gathered new data as to the growth of our first trees that will have completed one year and 3 months in the ground at Peribuela.

Some interesting observations were made, not least that 100% of the Alisos measured last November (see previous blog) have survived another 8 or so months and well into the summer dry period in the community; fingers crossed they make it through their second summer. The average growth of the 30 tagged trees was 58cm with some growing 80 plus centimeters. The average height of the trees there is now 111cm, up from just 50cm back in November. The overall mortality rate based on the sample size of 40 is just over 25% (9 dead); much better than expected.

In the graph, the light green represents their original size one month after planting back in April 2008, the forest green represents the trees new height in November 2008 and the dark green represents the new height as of last week. All the trees indicated as less than 40cm had died by November, with just 2 new additions this time round, the remaining tagged Rosa trees.

So now all the experimental Rosa trees have died and unfortunately the more recently experimental planting of Arrayans, look like they may follow a similar route. These observations further support our mechanism for establishing a quick growing shade canopy using the Alisos with a view to planting other more sensitive native species afterwards, once soil is improved and shade provided.

As always, we would like to thank our supporters for their help and funding.

The CanopyCo Team


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