Blog 4 – April 2009

With the dry season closing in (if weather patterns are to be trusted, in June) we have planted for the final time until the steady rains begin again in October. In February we planted 610 trees with the help of the old faithful in Peribuela community plus a few German volunteers that are here on long stay volunteer placements.

At the beginning of April, we planted a further 930 trees, bringing the total for 2009 to 2572 in Peribuela, plus 100 trees on some private land, old cow pasture destined for reforesting in Pucara, Intag.

The majority of the trees planted are still Aliso Blanco (Alnus acuminata), but we have also now planted Pumamaqui (Oreopanax sp), Arrayán (Myrcianthes sp.) and Cedro (Cedrela montana), all native to the area.

On the next few weeks we shall be taking our third series of measurements to check the growth and progress of the trees planted. The first month is a critical period so we expect to have an idea of survival rates by mid May.

Last year we and some of our client base were interviewed by a free lance internet journalist, Jenny Moore, and for those interested you can read and hear her broadcast concerning reforestation initiatives and climate change at the following link;

Once we have our latest measurements, we shall be back in touch. As always, thanks to all of you who have helped and supported CanopyCo.


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