Blog 3 – January 2009

The first 1000 of 2009

CanopyCo are pleased to announce that we planted our first 1000 trees of 2009 in the community of Peribuela.

The community was joined by a group of Outreach volunteers (a UK based organization), that will be joining a variety of volunteer projects during their Gap year in Ecuador. Between the 20 volunteers and 30 or so community members we made light work of planting Aliso (Alnus jorullensis), and also a few Pumamaquis (Oreopanax ecuadorensis) and Cedro Andino’s (Cedrela montana).

The Aliso’s are being planted as a pioneer specie, and we are testing the waters with Pumamaqui’s and Cedros at this early stage of forest development. The Pumamaqui’s are one of the first species to grow from scrub land close to forests (birds defecate their seeds which sprout from the shade of bushes such as Chilca), but they require shaded conditions in the first year or two of life; we have tried to imitate this process by planting in predominantly shaded areas at the base of the already present scrub.

The trees were purchased from a local Ecuadorian NGO called Fundación Brethren Y Unida ( and transported to the site. We lucked out with the weather and after planting, enjoyed a walk through the existing remnants of native forest we are trying to replicate, followed by a swim under a waterfall in the afternoon sun!

An important aside is that the volunteers stayed in the Peribuela Hacienda, a restored century old building that is being run by the community following the combined development achievements of CASA Interam ( and Chasqui Treks ( The project is now being managed by families within the community as an alternative income to their farming activities, which combined with the reforestation, is making the community an attractive off-the-beaten-track visitor site for those travelling in Ecuador.

We hope to be out there again in February with another 1000 trees, the first production to come out of the Peribuela tree nursery.

Thanks again for your continued support for the project.



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